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Monday, April 17, 2006 

The Real Story Behind Iran

I ran across this news story today, and I think it says it all. We all know what the war in Iraq has done for the oil companies.

It's shameful. It really is. Iran is ten years away from any capability to create a nuclear bomb. Ten fucking years! They have never attacked us. But the problem is, like Iraq, somehow they are sitting on our damn oil!

If we go to war there, thousands will surely die. Perhaps the conflict would set off a much greater world war, and who really knows what that could bring this world.

It's hubris to the power of one hundred.

One day, and that day could be closer than most peole imagine, America will not be the world's only superpower. When that day comes, our masses will be screaming about human rights, international law, and the like. Who will listen to us?

Why should they listen to us?

Monday, April 10, 2006 

The Only Americans That Visibly Care?

Are our "illegal" immigrants the only Americans that care anymore? It sure seems that way to me. Yeah, there are lots of us on the Left who are willing to raise up in the streets, but most of America seems to be asleep-- almost indifferent to the bullshit done by our government in OUR name.

But here are some REAL AMERICANS!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

My Chevy Tahoe Commercial

If you haven't heard, Chevy Tahoe is sponsoring a contest to see who can make the best Chevy Tahoe commercial. After seeing so many great Chevy Tahoe commercials, I had to make one too. Enjoy!

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