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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Women Who Haunt George W. Bush

George W. Bush. "Tough" hombre. But no match for women.

The man wears his machismo on his oversized belt buckle. He values strength over all else. He is, for all intents and purposes, the Alpha-Male-in-Chief. The leader of the brutish and the simple. He is George W. Bush, and he has no tolerance for anything womanly.

So, it is only just that karma repeatedly bite Mr. Bush in the ass in the form of a woman. Take these women, for example:

1. Schiavo, Terry-- It began with a dead woman. It's seems like eons ago that the Right Wing went goofy over Terri Schiavo, the woman who was, for all intents and purposes, already dead. Taking a family matter, the Right Wing attempted to manipulate the Schiavo tragedy for their own ends. It ended up back firing. On March 20, 2005, the Senate (with only three members present) passed a resolution, followed by the House of Representatives, which came to be called the "Palm Sunday Compromise" (S-686), transferring jurisdiction of the Schiavo case to the federal courts. The bill passed the House on March 21 at 12:41 a.m. EST. President Bush flew to Washington from his vacation in Texas in order to sign the bill into law at 1:11 a.m. EST.

As it turned out, Mrs. Schiavo was a lost cause. The Right Wing, with George W. Bush at the lead, exposed themselves as being utterly incompetent and hypocritical. Some say the Schiavo case was the beginning of GWB's public perception unraveling.

2. Plame, Valerie-- Not far removed from the Schiavo fiasco, news began to come out about the investigation surrounding the outing of former CIA operative Valerie Plame. It was revealed that, contrary to prior statements, the administration was responsible for outing a CIA operative. Whereas Bush had previously said he would fire anybody responsible for the leak, he changed course upon learning that his boss, Karl Rove, was responsible. Instead, he said, "if someone committed a crime, they will no longer work in my administration."

We haven't heard the last of Hurricane Valerie, but already the administration has been feeling the effects.

3. Sheehan, Cindy-- No person has been more successful at undoing the President's public persona than Cindy Sheehan. While camping out and protesting nearby Bush's Crawford Ranch, Cindy Sheehan chipped away at Bush's facade, revealing a coward. Juxtaposed against the administration's obvious proclivity for employing "chicken hawks", Cindy Sheehan depantsed the president for all to see his ghastly impotence.

4. Katrina, Hurricane-- Just as Cindy Sheehan was completing her siege on the president's cowardice and vacation home, a hurricane literally rolled into New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 hurricane that ripped apart portions of Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Bush administration. Katrina showed us again that Bush was not merely incompetent, but that he was completely out of touch with the American people. It showed us that W. was all style, and very little substance. Katrina was the coup de grace-- the woman who finally delivered the mortal blow.

5. Rita, Hurricane-- We shall see what this woman brings. Hopefully, she will go easy on all of us. But with the president's luck, I wouldn't be surprised if she brings another assault on the Big Man. She is, after all, headed for Texas.
"An inflated consciousness is always egocentric and conscious of nothing but its own existence. It is incapable of learning from the past, incapable of understanding contemporary events, and incapable of drawing right conclusions about the future. It is hypnotized by itself and therefore cannot be argued with. It inevitably dooms itself to calamities that must strike it dead." - Carl Jung

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